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Agua e Vida Living Water for Health

Agua e Vida Living Water is a unique purified and healthy alkaline mineral-infused water. The minerals are structured to allow for the optimum absorption rate and capacity by the body’s cells. This allows for the rapid hydration of the body, which in turn regulates the body’s temperature and blood pressure, whilst assisting with the brain’s bio-electric impulses, digestive functions, the elimination of toxins and acting as a chemical conduit and energy booster.

  • We stock a limited range of wellness products infused with our unique 84 essential minerals.
  • From 1 July 2021 we do home installations of 5-stage anti-radiation reverse osmosis water filtration systems.
  • We shall shortly also be able to supply your home filtration system needs.

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Our Happy Clients

Wonderful water & Fabulous products. So far am using the mineral skin food, toning cleanser and face mask. The staff are also Great!! Thank you for coming to Fish Hoek

Nicola Tullie (April 2021)