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Bertie’s Choice sells and delivers to one’s door (Cape Town and surrounding towns) quality products that your pet would choose. We supply the following trusted brands:

  • Simply Pets raw food for dogs & cats;
  • Simply Natural holistic supplements & remedies for dogs & cats;
  • Photizo Vetcare hand-held infrared device to help alleviate inflammation & for wound care;
  • Cibdol Swiss formulated CBD oil & pastilles – specific formulations for dogs/cats/human use

The raw pet food is our biggest seller and can greatly help allergy-prone, itchy pets as well as pets with gastrointestinal challenges and pets that are over- or underweight, suffer from mobility issues and Pancreatitis or Metabolic disorders (there’s the Advanced variant specifically for this). Formulated by the Chairperson of the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Group, Dr Anuska Viljoen – a veterinarian – the formulation honours functional veterinary medicine dietary staples which create the ideal dynamic for the gut to improve gut functionality and increase Immunoglobin A and a host of other dynamics which work with the immune system at gut level.

Meat variants comprise the whole carcass (muscles, organs, finely minced bones):

  • VENISON plus OSTRICH which are WILD CULLED – not abattoir culled, Better quality meat that is relatively less stressed.
  • FISH (Pilchards & Carp) – SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED.
  • FREE RANGE, GRASS-FED BEEF which comes from a small farm abattoir where Dr Viljoen herself does the meat inspections – no bulk slaughters that result in much higher stress hormones in the cow’s body.
  • The PORK is also FREE RANGE and also from local farms that Dr Viljoen knows.
  • The QUAIL & RABBIT, too, come from farms that have been carefully vetted.

ZERO grains/artificial colourants/flavourants.

Each vegetable and supplement has been specifically chosen for its nutritional profile and phytochemical use to enhance gut health, improve the microbiome, improve circulation and reduce oxidative stress to help prevent and treat many illnesses from a functional medicine perspective.

Simply Pets raw food is registered with the Department of Agriculture as a Complete, Balanced meal. No additional supplements are required and there’s even Krill included for your dog/cat’s optimal mobility. Included in the range are single protein and novel protein options of benefit to allergic pets.

To your pet’s vitality, well-being, mobility & longevity!

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Our Happy Clients

Quality products, efficient service, promptly delivered! Highly knowledgeable and passionate.
Marion Webber-Wilson

Quality food. My pug had terrible skin irritation, always chewing himself and once we tried him on the products, his skin irritation slowly went away and now he is 100%. Would highly recommend this product!
Tomomi Amber