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Bertie's Choice

Bertie’s Choice’s top seller is raw food formulated by the Chairperson of the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Group. We have a particular interest in 100% natural pain, mobility, allergy, gastrointestinal, weight, immunity, dental and wound care solutions.

Popular products include:

  • Simply Pets raw food & Simply Natural holistic supplements and remedies;
  • Photizo Vetcare infrared device to alleviate joint pain, inflammation and for wound care;
  • WalkEase Undenatured Type II Collagen for increased mobility;
  • Omega Salmon Fish Treats;
  • Gizzls grain-free, mackerel and ostrich treats. Includes full-spectrum CBD oil;
  • HealFast Therapy Loops modulate sensory nerves to reduce pain;
  • MediPaw waterproof, breathable boots & 2-piece woundcare-friendly suits
  • Arnica based Arnic Cool cooling foam for inflamed skin;
  • PlastAway Veterinary Plaster Remover Spray for pain-free plaster removal;
  • Stem cell patches with benefits including pain relief.

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Our Happy Clients

Quality products, efficient service, promptly delivered! Highly knowledgeable and passionate.
Marion Webber-Wilson

Quality food. My pug had terrible skin irritation, always chewing himself and once we tried him on the products, his skin irritation slowly went away and now he is 100%. Would highly recommend this product!
Tomomi Amber

We’ve been feeding our Jack Russells on Bertie’s raw food product for a month now and seen a huge improvement in their allergy-related ear problems, they’re trimmer, shinier, happier, full of energy, breath smells better and far less windy. This has been a good decision to change over to raw food and Bertie’s Choice is excellent. They deliver too. Please contact Greta on +27 73 057 1633.
Barbara van Rijsewijk