Yann Mouret
Caracals Crossfit

Caracal Fitness

Fitter, stronger, faster, more powerful, accurate and agile are some of our goals in the exercise domain. We meet these physical demands and build functional athletes by consistent exposure to a broad arsenal of movements.

We target a wide range of energy systems to ensure athletes are working on fast, sprint type workouts as well as longer endurance workouts. Competence across these domains prepares athletes for many a varied fitness challenge. Packaged into a thoroughly planned, periodized training plan we aim to optimize the time and effort that athletes devote to training.

Moving better and achieving things some athletes never thought possible of themselves is key to our programming. Whether it be learning to lift better, perform a handstand, perform a muscle-up or even just to be able to run. Our community is one that pushes each other to achieve, holds each other accountable to pitch up and exercise, supports one another and is never short of some friendly competition to drive each other to the right intensities.

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Our Happy Clients

There are times I hate waking up early and heading to the box. There are times the wods are an exercise in frustration. There are times my body lets me down. Yet I keep coming back, why? Because you never know what life is going to throw at you, and as a father and a husband I have to do my best to be prepared for the unexpected.

Metcon is like finding a treasure….. a treasure that is hidden deep inside a dark volcano, with dragons and balrog’s and ogres….. it’s freakin lovely!!!